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People Still Prefer to Stay in their Own Homes

A care home provider has suggested that providing individuals with care visits in their own home for just a few hours a day may be costing the taxpayer more than it would to provide 24/7 care in a care home. However the UKHCA, United Kingdom Home Care Association, has argued that this is not clearly the case generally and most importantly ignores the fact that 90% of individuals have a powerful need to stay in their own homes.

The Department of Health’s policy paper on ‘Caring For Our Future: reforming care and support’ details that the new system will ‘focus on people’s wellbeing and support them to stay independent for as long as possible’ and ‘give people more control over their care.’

Considering all this, Live in Care and Home Care allows individuals to keep their right to remain in their own home with the level of care and support they need to be able to remain independent.

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