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Regular Walking Could Cut Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

New Alzheimer’s research has shown walking could drastically reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s.

Just 20 minutes of walking/physical exercise three times per week keeps a steady flow of oxygen to the brain, thus preventing a build-up of plaque which can cause Alzheimer’s.

Professor Carol Brayne, from Cambridge University’s Institute of Public Health, said: ‘The important message is that there are aspects of healthy life which reduce risk.

‘This doesn’t say we can prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s altogether. But there is a proportion which is preventable. Even just having a vigorous walk a few times a week and ideally make it social event.

‘It’s really difficult for many people to take exercise. If nothing else is possible, even a walk will help. That’s what evidence suggests.

‘So 20 minutes to half an hour, three times a week. I would say to just fit something into life in the best possible way. This might be getting off the bus stop the next stop up, and walk the last bit.’

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