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Improving Health and Social Care with Technology

David Haslam, a 67 year old from Liverpool, was determined to find an alternative to repeat visits to A&E due to his COPD diagnosis; therefore he welcomed new technology installed in his home that avoids this need to travel. Now he can check his blood pressure, weight and oxygen levels in his sitting room using scales and a sensor attached to his finger, these devices then send details via Wi-Fi to a monitoring centre. If the readings show concern, David is informed and a community nurse is called.

“Haslam is one of the champions of a new push to show how technology can help in social care under a scheme called Dallas – delivering assisted living lifestyles at scale – which was funded by the Technology Strategy Board, the government’s innovation arm.

Four groups across Britain have been given £25m of government money with the aim of getting 170,000 people involved by next summer in using technology – some of it very simple – to help them as they get older.”

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