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Brain Ageing? Get a More Complex Job

A study has revealed that complex jobs reduce brain ageing

As old age approaches; eating healthy and staying active can help to protect against brain ageing. However according to a new study, there is a better way; having a complex career.

The study used the Lothian Birth Cohert 1936, a group of people born in Scotland 80 years ago. The scientists matched data on their IQ at age 11 and 70 years old, together with their jobs.

Careers such as a lawyer and a surgeon were ranked as high complexity. The scientists examined whether there was any relation between the complexity of their jobs and the change in their IQs during their lives.

The results revealed that those with more challenging careers, kept their IQ consistently high.

There is speculation as to why; more stimulating and challenging environments strengthen the cognitive ability of the brain, protecting it from the ageing affects.

Read more at the Independent.

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