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Healthy Ageing Discovered in 35-Year Study

A 35-year study has revealed the secret to healthy ageing

In 1979, 2,500 men volunteered to take part in a 35-year study to healthy ageing; they were asked to eat well, exercise, reduce alcohol intake, never smoke and to manage their weight.

The volunteers regularly reported to the researchers about their diet and exercise. They were examined and questioned every 5 years together with their medical records.

35 years later, just 25 of the men were able to stick to the health plan. The study found that risk of certain chronic diseases were reduced when eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables, taking regular exercise, being a non smoker and reducing alcohol intake. Although this lifestyle does not completely protect against disease, the study revealed that the volunteers who did develop a disease, they developed them at a much later age than the volunteers who gave up. For example, Dementia was delayed by a further 6 years.

These reductions in Dementia cases were positively greeted by experts.

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