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Golden rules in preventing Dementia

Follow five golden rules in order to lower the risk of Dementia

There have been many news articles recently discussing ways to prevent Dementia and other age related diseases, through healthy living and adopting or giving up certain habits. Age UK have proposed that our lifestyle is responsible for 76% of development in the brain.

Therefore combining all these recent lifestyle claims together we can significantly reduce the risk of developing cognitive decline and dementia.

So what are the golden rules to follow;

  1. Regular exercise – At least 20 minutes of walking/physical exercise three times a week.
  2. Adopt a Mediterranean diet – A diet rich in olive oil and fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and poultry.
  3. Quit smoking – It has been revealed that there are more new cases of Alzheimer’s in current smokers in comparison to those who are non smokers.
  4. Reduce alcohol intake – Regular heavy drinking causes the loss of brain tissue particularly related to memory loss.
  5. Prevent and/or treat diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity – These conditions increase risk of heart disease and strokes, which increase the risk of arteries hardening, thus increasing risk of dementia.

This new study conducted over 30 years followed men aged between 45 – 59 following a minimum of 4 out 5 of the golden rules. The results revealed that this healthy living lowered the risk of Dementia by over a third!

Although these lifestyle changes are not a cure, they all have a significant result in preventing the common age related diseases and ‘prevention is better than cure’

Please read the full article on this from the Telegraph

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