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Deaf people can ‘hear with their tongue’!

Scientists are developing a device for deaf people to hear through their tongue…

Cochlear implants are invasive, expensive and unsuitable for the elderly; now a team from Colorado State University are creating a Bluetooth-enabled device that will allow deaf people to ‘hear’ by placing the device on their tongue!

Dr John Williams decided to create this innovative device, after reading about cochlear implants and how invasive they are and not suitable for everyone.

Cochlear implants are surgically implanted devices that take on the duty of the ear that has been damaged, by allowing sound signals to be sent to the brain.

Similarly how the new tongue device works; An earpiece microphone will collect audio and send it to the device on the tongue via Bluetooth, this signal will then transfer to the many nerves on the tongue.

It will take some practice for the patient to translate the signals as sound, but the scientists believe it can be possible within a couple of months.

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