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Dementia test online

New Dementia test online to pinpoint early signs of cognitive decline…

There have been many studies recently on the causes of Dementia and Alzheimer’s with results from leading experts estimating that over half the Dementia risk is caused by conditions we can change, for example 1 in 5 cases of Alzheimer’s are associated to B vitamins being low, particularly B12 from animal products.

Most people are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s well into their 70s, and having symptoms for a long time before diagnosis, often leaving less options to slow the progression other than to manage the symptoms with prescription drugs.Therefore, the aim of the test is to provide a cognitive impairment self assessment tool, to catch any Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) early on and allow time to make healthy lifestyle changes that could really help to slow the progression of the disease down.

The free Dementia test online is for 50-70 year olds and will ask simple questions about diet and lifestyle and assess each persons risk on a traffic light system, ‘red’ being the most critical to respond.

For all the information and to take the test visit Food For The Brain

*This is not a diagnostic test, serious health and memory concerns must be discussed with the GP*

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