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Live in Carer or Home Carer

The differences between a Live in Carer and a Home Carer

If you’re an individual who wishes to work in care, but are unsure about the differences between a Live in Carer and a Home Carer. Then this article is exactly what you’re looking for.

Live in Care

Let’s firstly introduce you to Live in Care. Live in Care allows individuals to stay at home in their familiar and relaxed surroundings with an incomparable level of one to one care and support….

As a Live in carer, you will be required to live in the Service User’s own home. You will support them with all the duties detailed in their individually designed care plan. These duties may include support with their personal care needs, helping them in and out of bed, washing, dressing, continence care and prompting medication.

Most importantly, being a Live in Carer is about spending quality time with the service user/s. You will offer companionship and enable them to continue in their chosen lifestyle independently.

Do I need experience to be a Live in Carer?

Although many of our Live in Carers have experience within the care sector, professional experience is not essential, for example caring for a family member/friend.

The important requirements that we look for, are individuals who emit compassion, commitment, good judgment. They must be an excellent listener and communicator with a positive, sunny disposition.

You must be comfortable working on your own and within a team, as a service user may require two live in carers.

You must be confident living away from home and running a household.

What benefits will I enjoy as a Live in Carer?

Live in care is very rewarding and brings real job satisfaction.

It can offer flexibility, to fit in with family life or personal circumstances.

You can work from a minimum of three days on during a respite package. Or one week up to 6 weeks on a full time package, before having a one week’s break.

With your accommodation and full board provided during assignments, your cost of living will significantly decrease, therefore leaving more of your salary left over to spend and/or save.

You will be supported with training, including distance learning opportunities, mandatory training and NVQ/QCF’s

During the five day pre-employment training course and office induction, you’ll receive pay at an hourly rate.

By regularly returning to your service users, this allows you to really get to know them and their needs.

So that is the base of being a Live in Carer explained, now let’s explain Home Care…

Homecare is very similar to Live in care, because it also allows service users to remain living at home whilst receiving care and support. However the difference with Homecare is that the carers will make regular visits. These visits can last from 30 minutes up to a few hours.

A homecarer will make multiple visits to different service users daily, and all will have varied needs that will affect the carer’s responsibilities and duties. Responsibilities can include; personal care, washing, dressing, helping them in and out of bed, making a meal and domestic duties.

What experience do I need?

Our carers do not need experience or any particular qualifications, although this is advantageous it is not essential.
All of our carers receive a five-day training course and a thorough office induction before they start.
Having a sunny disposition, good listening and communication skills, being ready to learn and proactive is what we look for in our carers.

Holding a driving license and having access to a vehicle is also advantageous, as you will be required to visit different service users in different areas of North Somerset, however we do now accept ‘walkers’ and will provide shifts that are within walking distance.

What are the benefits of working as a Homecarer?

Working in Homecare offers flexibility in the hours and shifts you work. Therefore you can work around family life and personal commitments.

You will be guaranteed hours with 16, 24 and 30 hour contracts. Mileage is paid and travel time for drivers and walkers is also paid.

QCF and career advancement opportunities are offered and fully supported.

From this simple explanation on the differences between Live in Care and home care. Both roles are very similar in their responsibilities but are different in their work environments.
You can find more detailed explanations on the role of a Live in Carer and a Home carer here.

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