Clock change can affect the elderly

clock change

The imminent clock change can affect the elderly

The clocks will go back one hour on Sunday, October 29 and evenings will become darker earlier; which can make things more challenging for older people.

When the clocks go back we’re all secretly happy that we get an extra hour in bed. Whilst this might be a positive, there are also many negatives, such as the darker evenings and colder weather. Which can really affect the elderly.

The days get darker much quicker once the clocks change; This can affect the amount of time the elderly have to get out of the house and run errands or socialise. Often many of them don’t want to be out in the darkness.

The bad weather is also a major problem as it can go on for days and again affect the elderly getting out and about, so we’re encouraging you to keep an extra close eye on any elderly loved-ones or neighbours this autumn/winter.

It’s also a good idea to make sure they’re fully stocked up with warm blankets, thick clothing and even a hot water bottle. Their pathways to their houses should be clear of leaves and other tripping hazards and be well gritted.

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