Cocoa Compounds Improve Memory

Cocoa compounds

According to a small US study; Cocoa compounds can reverse age-related memory loss, however, unfortunately this does not mean we can eat lots of chocolate…


Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) scientists led the small study of 37 healthy volunteers, aged between 50 – 69 Look At This. They used specially extracted cocoa flavanols. Flavanols are naturally occurring cocoa compounds found in the cocoa bean and other certain plants, such as tea leaves.

The volunteers were given either a cocoa high flavanol-containing drink (900mg of flavanols per day) or a low favanol drink (10 mg) for 3 months. The drinks were prepared by the food company Mars, who were supporting the research. Mars used a special process to extract the cocoa compounds, unlike most methods of processing cocoa that removes the important flavanols. Therefore not an excuse to binge on chocolate bars, as most of the cocoa compounds have been removed.

The results found noticeable improvements in the memory of those who consumed the high cocoa compounds; Dr Small, a senior author of the study ” If a participant had the memory of a typical 60 year old at the beginning of the study, after 3 months that person on average had the memory of a typical 30 or 40 year old.”

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