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Reviews are a great way to discover how others view a service that you’re potentially thinking about. When looking to start a provision of Live in Care, we completely understand that it is a leap of faith having someone you don’t fully know live with you in your own home and be responsible for your safety. It is for that reason that it is important to consider what existing or previous service users and their relatives have to say about us. We are a relatively new company within the Notaro Homes Group and are currently gathering Live in Care reviews, but some have already been kind enough to write to us about their experiences. We’ve posted their messages below. We will add more Live in Care reviews as and when we receive them, and we hope that they will help you in your decision making…

I had been looking after my mother for 18 months after my father died but realised that I couldn’t carry on indefinitely. Notaro was one of the companies I contacted regarding live in care. I found the coordinators very friendly and helpful from the first call I made. One of them came out to meet my mother and me and to explain how live in care works. Once we had decided to go ahead they carried out a very detailed assessment of Mum’s needs and did their utmost to find a suitable carer from Mum and another for when her main carers has time off. We have had follow up assessments to ensure everything is running smoothly. I can ring the coordinators any time to discuss anything and have found them to be very efficient and approachable. The carers are well trained and very caring. When a carer had to have time off unexpectedly a replacement was found at very short notice.

Mum was anxious about having someone living with her but very soon became used to her carers and now would be lost without one of them being there.

It has made my life a lot easier. I can now visit Mum socially without having to worry about her care. It has enabled me and my husband to visit my brother in Australia, which we have wanted to do for some time, safe in the knowledge that Mum is in good hands.

P. Jones (daughter of service user)

As a single person I would like to say with some honesty how much the living care personnel have looked after me, in every respect since my return from hospital.  Their care has made my life pleasant and easy, with complete support when it comes to shopping, washing and general living.

Thank You

Mr R Berridge (service user)

Please can you pass on my heartfelt thanks to all the carers who helped look after my mum. The dignity she was afforded and the sensitivity shown towards her was much appreciated.  I could not have asked for a better team to have looked after her.

C Mills (daughter of service user)

Received live in care for my father, he was slightly concerned at first but the live in care team did a wonderful job. He was involved in all decision making from the start.  Thank you so much for treating him with the dignity and respect he deserved.  I shall miss seeing you all.

Mrs S Thompson (daughter of service user)

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