Addiction Care at Home

addiction care at home

We can provide addiction care at home to support you through the obstacles you may face from getting over an addiction.


If you or someone you know has an addiction, then know that you are not alone; it is estimated that 2 million people in the UK do. Addiction is defined as an uncontrollable participation in something that could become harmful to you.

Drugs and alcohol are the two most common addictions, however people can be addicted to anything, for example; food, work or shopping. Having any type of addiction means being dependent on it just to get through daily life, and when it isn’t available causing possible unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, making it easier to give in to the craving; and so the vicious circle continues.

However we can provide addiction care at home; which allows you to continue to live in your own home with the support of a live in carer 24/7. Before Live in Care starts, a coordinator will do a free, no obligation assessment with you and any loved ones you choose to also be present at this meeting. They will assess your care and support needs that will make up your personal care plan, which your carer will follow. They will ask how you see your future self, the difficulties you feel you may face and what methods you think will help to overcome them and to set any chosen targets.

Your suitably matched, qualified live in carer will  then work with you to make positive lifestyle changes, and empower you to believe that you can and will do it in order to obtain the targets you set out in your initial assessment.

Having a live in carer with you during this process, means that you will have support to stay on the right path that you chose in your care plan; removing and/or avoiding anything that will provoke the craving, engaging in new activities that offer a new healthy way of rewarding and relaxing and encourage you to have healthy relationships with people who will also be supportive of your lifestyle change not encouraging you to continue in your addiction.

So make a positive step today and call our Live in Care team for a chat

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