Companionship Care

companionship care

We understand the importance of companionship care.


In later life many of us may find ourselves spending most of our days alone, maybe through losing a spouse through death or divorce or through other circumstances that limit our ability to travel and stay connected with family, friends and the community. Companionship care allows independent individuals to remain living in their own home, surrounded by all its familiarity and continuing in their accustomed lifestyle with extra support from a live in carer.

A suitably matched live in carer will provide support in keeping mentally and physically healthy by engaging in conversation and chosen activities. In fact, recent studies have revealed that keeping active can dramatically reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and the assurance from another person being present can also reduce stress and provide peace of mind for loved ones.

It is important to build good strong relationships, so to ensure continuity of care, we provide 2 -3 live in carers to an individual, who will alternate, providing cover for breaks, sickness, holidays etc.

Companionship Care is not here to take over, but to provide light support, working together in daily activities such as:

  • Cooking
  • Cleaning, washing
  • Shopping
  • Going out to leisure activities
  • Sharing a chat over a cup of tea/coffee
  • Going to appointments
  • Taking care of any pets/walking the dog
  • Light gardening

Companionship Care is a choice that can complement your life, so if you or a loved one is needing extra support, please call Live in Care today.

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