Dementia Care

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We can provide the dementia care you need without the need for you to leave your home and move into a care home.

Live in care is about providing people with a choice, a choice of care that isn’t commonly known about. Individuals living with dementia can continue to remain at home receiving 24 hour dementia care and support as the carer resides with them. The benefits of around the clock homecare are appealing to many but it’s a known fact that most people don’t even know they have this option.

We are all aware that the incidence of dementia increases with age. As the trend at present is for people to live longer, we at Notaro Live in Care believe it is vital that the provision of care for people living with dementia is of the highest standard.

The symptoms of dementia include memory loss, confusion, and disorientation, and can be brought on by a variety of causes including Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia. Our carer’s are provided with regular training and updates relating to the subject of dementia and the diverse challenges dementia can bring to the individual living with the condition and their families.

Our live in carer’s provide care and support in everyday activities such as household chores, social activities, cooking and personal care. This provision of care now provides individuals with the choice of remaining at home surrounded by their belongings and all that is familiar rather than leaving all that is dear to them.

As previously mentioned each member of the care team has to go through regular dementia training at various stages throughout a calendar year, to keep up to date with new developments and expand their existing skills. In addition to this training they also have to go through a thorough induction programme to ensure that they have the correct skills and knowledge prior to being matched to their service user.

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