Learning Disability Care

Learning disability care

We believe that Learning Disability Care is about focusing on each person’s abilities and interests – encouraging self-expression and creativity, and discovering what is meaningful to them.


Learning Disability care at home empowers the individual to retain their independence and continue to make their own choices about the way they live their life. It allows the individual’s living arrangements to stay the same; introducing a professional companion to offer full or short term one to one support, with the intention never to ‘take over’, but to encourage the individual to explore their full potential and do everything possible to promote and further independence.

When choosing a Live in Carer, they will be matched with the individual; considering characteristics, skills, common interests – ensuring that they can build a good relationship and feel comfortable with their chosen Live in Carer. The Live in Carer will fit in around the individual’s existing routine, following their personal care plan and working together to provide flexible care and support that is ordinary to them.

The unique care plan is regularly reviewed with the individual and their loved ones, to ensure that important communication is kept open and feedback can be given; allowing everyone to be happy and comfortable with the care and support that the individual is receiving.

If you have a loved one in your life with a learning disability, call our team and discuss the option of a Live in Carer.

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