Support for Young Adults

Disability and Sensory loss care

Live in Care is an alternative to Residential Care, it provides support for young adults to remain in their own home.


A well matched, experienced live in carer will live with and provide support for young adults 24/7; they are always on hand to support them and their chosen lifestyle. They can support with any hobbies, come into colleges/universities to help individuals fulfil their ambitions, or even assist with going out with friends to enjoy an active social life.

Our live in carers are trained to provide the right level of support to promote independence and provide practical daily personal care services unique to the young adult who needs us. It is important for them to develop strong relationships with the individual, as well as supporting the emotional needs of their families. They are great companions and empower younger adults to achieve a full, independent and active life.

Each condition, illness or disease affects young people in different ways, involving challenging changes to daily life that also affect the family, that’s why our services are personal to that individual, with their bespoke care plan; made together with them and their loved ones.

The carer will follow their care plan and work together getting to know the individual and their hobbies, daily routine, likes and dislikes etc. It is important for them to bond and get to know each other, that is why we provide between 2 and 3 carers that alternate to keep continuity of care.

The carer is matched to the individual by considering similar interests, any skills they would like the carer to have, for example a driver and whether they would prefer a male or female carer. This allows the individual to feel comfortable and develop long lasting relationships.

So whether the young person in your life needs occasional, regular or round-the-clock care, we’re here to complement their life. Contact us today to book your FREE no obligation assessment.

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