Can My Carer Live with Me?

Live in Carer pushing service user in wheel chair in the park

Can my carer live with me? The simple answer is yes…

A lot of people do not realise that having a carer live with you is a possibility.  Whether they are young or old and needing support with care; they are not always told about the many other options available to them. They believe that going into a care home is their only option, and unfortunately with all the negative news about care homes, this can bring on unnecessary worry. In some cases individuals may choose to make do at home on their own or even seek help from relatives.

But there is a simple answer and that is, Live in Care or 24hr Home Care. Live in care is a service that can provide a carer/carers to live with the person in their own home. They can live with them for a minimum of one week up to 6 weeks at a time, they then must take a week’s break. However during this break another carer will be on hand to cover.

The live in carer can help support all their care needs; from personal care, prompting medicine, cleaning and cooking to taking the person to appointments and many more. They are on hand 24/7, providing security, peace of mind for loved ones and most of all companionship.

They can work with the person, supporting them without taking away their independence. Following a detailed, tailored care plan that is all about the person. The care plan will be tailored and written with the person and their loved ones at the initial assessment; by asking questions to ascertain the type of care and support that they require.

Part of the assessment will also cover the type of Live in carer the person would like; considering everything from age and gender to skills and personality traits. From this, a compatible live in carer can be suggested whom can work and ‘fit in’ well with the person and their loved ones.

So this all sounds great, but how much does Live in Care cost?

Live in care or 24 hr home care is comparable to other types of care, starting from £800 per week, with care homes costing up to £1250 per week. The local council can also advise the person on whether they are eligible for funding.

Live in care is by no means, the superior option for everyone, but it offers flexible, practical and affordable options that many people are unaware of. For some, a change in environment may be the best option, but for those who would like to remain in their own home, continuing their chosen lifestyle, and receiving one-to-one care and support; Live in Care is a great alternative.


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