The Benefits of Live in Care

Elderly lady eating a piece of orange with Live in Carer

The benefits of Live in Care strike the right balance between providing the dedicated care needed and preserving independence by allowing individuals to continue living in their own homes.


The benefits of Live in Care:

  • Independence
  • Companionship
  • Couples can remain living together
  • High level of personal one-to-one support
  • Minimal disruption of chosen lifestyle
  • Individuals can stay in their own homes
  • Family pets can be kept
  • Peace of mind for the individuals – as well as their friends and family – that care is always at hand

Live in Care is a great alternative to Care Home support. It is practical, flexible and affordable; go to our Live in Care Costs page for prices.

Below is a simple comparison of advantages; consider all the variables and decide for yourself if Live in Care is the right choice for you.

Elderly Lady Happy In Wheel ChairResidence Care Home

Live in Care

Care Home

Remain in your own home Move to a new environment
Costs from £800 a week Costs up to £1250 a week
One-to-One care Carers sharing responsibility
Continued chosen lifestyle Change of lifestyle
Funding available Funding available
Choice of what you eat and when Set menu and set meal times
Pets can remain at home Rules vary
Visitors can stay at any time Certain times, rules and communal areas for visitors
Cost savings for couples Paying for two beds



Contact us to discover how Live in Care could benefit you or a loved one’s life.

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