New Year, New decisions for your loved ones

New Year new decisions for your loved one

Happy New Year!

Christmas and New Year is about spending time with your loved ones. Consequently this can be enjoyable but it may also be stressful. Because you could notice that their health, home life and/or overall well-being is deteriorating.

You may have noticed some of the following?:

  • Your loved one’s personal care is lacking
  • Their appearance has changed with weight loss or frailty
  • Medication and/or appointments are being missed
  • The home maintenance has been neglected

These observations don’t necessarily mean that your loved one requires care. But perhaps it’s time to make decisions as a family in creating a plan for improvement.
It is important that your loved one is fully involved in the plan for their future, making sure that they know of your observations and wishes to maintain their way of life.

However If you do find that you are considering full time care for your loved one, we understand the concept of arranging this can be overwhelming at first, but a respectable care company should put your mind at rest from the first contact. It is important to ask questions and tell the company exactly what you expect for your loved one.

Why not call our dedicated team at Notaro Live in Care on 0845 519 0800. They will manage your prospects with honesty and will even point you in another direction if they believe Live in Care is not right for your loved one.

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